How do I buy a house through NHT?

How much can you borrow from NHT?

The NHT will grant a loan up to $2.5 million to each applicant to buy the land, subdivide it and install infrastructure.

Current Loan Limits (Updated May 2019)

Loan Type One Applicant With co-applicant (s)
Build On Own Land Loan $6.5 Million $13 Million
Home Improvement*** $2.5 Million*** $5 Million***

How do I qualify for a NHT grant?


  1. they must have contributed to the NHT for a minimum of 7 years.
  2. they must have made at least 52 weekly contributions; 13 of those contributions must have been made during the 26 weeks period leading up to the date of application.

How do I register with NHT?

Go to the NHT service and submit your application for verification by the NHT official at the service desk. Participate in the interview and afterward your registration details will be recorded in the NHT system.

How much money does NHT Lend 2020?

Andrew Holness, has announced that the National Housing Trust (NHT) loan limit will move from $5.5 million to $6.5 million, an increase of 18 per cent.

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How much does NHT lend a house?

The NHT lends up to $2.5 million to qualified contributors to buy a residential lot. To purchase a residential lot, two qualified contributors can co-apply for up to $5 million combined.

How do I check my NHT contribution online?

View your contributions, mortgage history, make payments and more at your convenience. Visit today! NHT Online has improved! This means that you can more easily register and be verified to use the NHT online facilities via any web browser.

How do I get an NHT eligibility letter?

You may request the eligibility letter at the Customer Service Unit or the Mortgage Information Unit at any NHT Branch. Valid identification (current Jamaican passport, national voters ID or driver’s licence). So, there you have it!

Can you pay NHT online?

Payments can be made in any one of several convenient ways: Salary deduction (facilitated by your employer) Online payments via our website.

How much is NHT monthly contribution?

National housing trust (NHT) contributions

NHT contributions are made by employers at the rate of 3% while employees contribute at the rate of 2% on all taxable emoluments received from employment in Jamaica. Self-employed persons also contribute at a rate of 2% of earnings.

Does bad credit affect NHT loan?

The National Housing Trust (NHT) says credit reports will not be used to deny contributors accessing their usual mortgage loan.

How does NHT benefit?

There are several benefits that Employees can reap by contributing to the NHT. The main benefit is the accessing of housing benefits where persons would be eligible for loans to assist in building, buying, repairing or improving homes.

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Can I use NHT to buy land?

A: Contributors to the National Housing Trust (NHT) may obtain a Housing Lot Loan to purchase land from private individuals or companies. … That is, a loan for individuals who do not already own a home and have never borrowed from the NHT.