Did Davina sell the 80 mil house?

Did Davina ever sell the 80 million house?

Davina Potratz proved she can sell incredibly expensive homes along with the rest of her colleagues. But she may have bitten off more than she could chew in season 2 with a $75 million listing in Beverly Hills. So, did the home ever sell? According to Reddit sleuths, it seems it never did.

Who bought the 80 million house on selling sunset?

So, what’s Adnan’s deal? Adnan, who is originally from Turkey, owns and runs Sen Properties, a luxury real estate development company. He’s built his career on doing what he did with the $75 million home – buy property, build glamorous home, sell it, repeat.

Did Davina sell the house Selling sunset?

Selling Sunset’s Mary Fitzgerald reveals Davina Potratz’s $75million house still hasn’t sold: ‘It’s completely overpriced’

Did Davina sell 75 million dollar house?

Either way, the delightful fact remains: Davina still hasn’t sold her $75 million property and I don’t see that changing any time soon. You can stream ‘Selling Sunset’ on Netflix.

Do actors get paid for Selling Sunset?

Because Selling Sunset realtors have no base salary, their pay is completely reliant on their ability to sell as many properties as they can. … Selling Sunset celebrity Mary Fitzgerald explained what these difficulties are like, saying: “I think the hardest thing in real estate is working for commission only.

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Who bought 40 million house on selling sunset?

Celebrity Real Estate

Ellen DeGeneres Just Bought The Best House In Los Angeles For $40 Million!

What is Brett Oppenheim doing now?

Brett Oppenheim left The Oppenheim Group to start his own real estate firm. Twin brothers Jason and Brett Oppenheim have made The Oppenheim Group the premier luxury real estate brokerage firm in the LA area, with Selling Sunset’s premiere in 2019 highlighting the work that they and their realtors do.

What is the most expensive house sold on Selling Sunset?

The property sold for a whopping $5,490,000. As for how the “Selling Sunset” agents make money, according to the Radio Times, they don’t actually receive a salary from the Oppenheim Group. Their money comes directly from commission, which is usually a huge paycheck due to the price tags on the mansions they deal with.