What does refs mean in real estate?

What are passive activities, and how do they affect me?

What does BS mean in real estate?

Code Abbreviations

Document Type Abbreviation
Assumed Name A N (with a space)
Bill of Sale BS (with a space)
Bylaws By Law (with a space between words)
Cancellation SAT

What does Lssd mean in real estate?

Definition. Options. Rating. LSSD. Level-Sensitive Scan Design.

What does FLD mean in an address?

Fast Lane Daily (online newscast) FLD. Fisher Linear Discriminant (computer science)

What does R S mean in real estate?

Real Estate Acronyms – Alphabet Soup

ABR Accredited Buyer Representative, a certification of NAR for buyer representation
SRES Senior Real Estate Specialist, a designation offered by the California Association of REALTORS®—selling to seniors
Sterling R Contributor to RPAC at $1000 level (each year separate)

What does Eik mean in real estate?

eik: Eat-in-kitchen: a kitchen large enough to hold a table and chairs.

What foes REI stand for?


Acronym Definition
ROC Registration of Company
ROC Receiver Operating Characteristic (signal detection theory)
ROC Rate of Change
ROC Republic of China

Does REI mean king?

A king is a man who is a member of the royal family of his country, and who is the head of state of that country. … the king and queen of my country.

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What does FLD stand for in baseball?

FLD%: Fielding Percentage. A measure of a fielder’s ability calculated by adding assists (A) and putouts (PO) then dividing it by the number of assists (A) plus putouts (PO) plus errors (E).

What does ExD mean in an address?

ExD. Expected Departure (immigration) ExD. Experiência Discovery. Copyright 1988-2018 AcronymFinder.com, All rights reserved.