How many real estate agents are there in Hong Kong?

What city has the most real estate agents?

Top 100 Cities for Real Estate Agents

Rank City Jobs
1 Virginia Beach, VA 1,830
2 West Palm Beach, FL 2,060
3 Austin, TX 1,790
4 Fort Lauderdale, FL 2,620

How do I become a property agent in Hong Kong?

To be granted an estate agent’s licence (company), an applicant must:

  1. be a company;
  2. have at least one director holding a valid estate agent’s licence;
  3. have a licensed estate agent in effective control of the company’s business as an estate agent;
  4. have directors who are all considered fit and proper persons;

Who is the highest paid real estate agent?

Top-Ranked US Real Estate Agent Ben Caballero Tops $2 Billion Volume – Again.

What percentage do most real estate agents make?

While realtor commission fees vary regionally, the average seller can expect to pay between 4.53% to 6.48% of the home’s final sale price, according to our research. The U.S. average is currently 5.50%. The listing agent usually receives 2.79% of the proceeds.

Which country is best for real estate agent?

Which countries are the best opportunity for real estate investment and capital appreciation?

Ranking Country
1. US
2. Brazil
3. China
4. Spain
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What is the best state to be a real estate agent?

Pennsylvania is the best state for jobs for real estate agents, and Hawaii is the worst. The most common pay in Pennsylvania is $96,244, while the median pay in Hawaii is $50,241. We found that Pennsylvania is the best state for real estate agent jobs, whereas Hawaii is the worst.

How do I get my EAA license?

The application forms are available: From the EAA office.

Applicant should provide the following supporting documents if he / she is a new entrant:

  1. Proof of educational qualifications;
  2. Proof of having passed a qualifying examination within the past 12 months; and.
  3. Original HKID Card or travel document.